“Australia’s loudest one-man-band” L.R. Marsh captures the heart and soul of early 20th century delta blues and delivers it through raw slide guitar work on a classic steel resonator and cigar box guitar, directly into the 21st century by way of multiple guitar amps, earth-shaking guitar tones, and thundering foot drum grooves. Classics such as Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson are apparent in LR’s sound, however it is the foot-stomping wall-of-sound that really demands attention onstage, with influences such as Gary Clark Jr, The Black Keys, 20 Watt Tombstone, The White Stripes, and 90’s stoner rock legends Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, and Fu Manchu making a solid presence in LR’s stage show.

LR has been touring the country almost non-stop for the past four years, releasing two albums and appearing at festivals such as Mitchell Creek Rock N Blues, Wolvi Stomp, Brisbane Festival, and Port Adelaide Blues Festival. His performance involves raw soulful vocals paired with heavy guitar riffs, performed while playing drums with his feet simultaneously without a single loop pedal or backing track in sight, to create what punters have described as “a sound that would put a five piece band to shame”.

LR’s career has seen him tour nationally and internationally, including headline shows all over Australia and Europe, and has recorded with world renowned producer Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Prince, Tool, System of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more) in the USA. More recently, his latest studio album Inside Outlines garnered national and international recognition, with single “Devil & the Black Dog” reaching number 9 on the Amrap Charts in its first week.

“Inside Outlines is a beast of a blues rock album from guitarist, singer/songwriter L.R. Marsh… exploring a big, brash sound with a nod to Queens of the Stone Age and early Led Zeppelin”

Matthew Trainor, Upside News Australia

“Gritty and powerful”

Happy Mag

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