New Year, New Music, New Gigs!

Well… I don’t need to tell you how much of a crazy year 2020 was… full of many, many downs, and rollercoaster moments, but we made it through! And it wasn’t all bad either. The music industry was turned on its head from the get go. I had just moved to Brisbane, finished off my Australian tour, just in the nick of time before the walls of my apartment became my world for a long, strange time. I had planned to commence on another, much larger Australian tour in April which quickly disintegrated. BUT – during the lockdowns I learned how to livestream gigs in HD, reach larger audiences around the world, and connect with some amazing people and artists, and I was able to slow down and reflect on everything, plan more, and work harder behind the scenes for 2021. And we made it! I hope everyone made it through with a solid focus on the positive side of all this craziness! I’ve never been one for new year resolutions, but last year taught me a lot and I’m bloody glad it’s over, even if it’s just a marker in a calendar providing the closure on a turbulent year, I’m looking forward to this year.

With all of that, I’m still hammering along with way more gigs than I anticipated throughout Queensland! The new year has given a little boost to my inspiration, so the next album is starting to take shape on the horizon – and I’m super excited to bring it to the studio later this year and tour the hell out of it! All I can say is the vibe will be VERY different to the debut… changing direction toward a more upbeat blues rock sound. More to be announced on that later!

If you’re interested to hear what I’ve been up to, come along to a show in QLD or hit me up on the Facebook page or email to request another livestream!

Hope everybody is doing well and staying positive and happy and safe!

Until next time – LR

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