The February Scoop

What a year we’ve had already! It’s been mostly positive, in the way of fewer lockdowns and some form of normality returning to our lives… there were a few scary moments like the fires back in my hometown Adelaide, but so far we’ve made it through and on the up! And I hope you guys playing at home have had a good year so far too. Hard to believe we’re already in February!

I recently had the honour of performing at a One Man Band night headlined by the mighty Minnie Marks and Ruben Reeves, with Shane Fell and I opening the night. It was a wild time in the narrow halls of King Lear’s Throne in the Valley! So stoked to have been part of it and made some great friends! Awesome to see such vast stylings of the one man band thing – Shane with his raw street shuffle blues, Ruben and his wildman Tassie punk rock edge, and Minnie’s incredible blues guitar slide skills… definitely worth following these guys and catching them live in your town when they roll through!

Here’s a snippet of a new track of mine from Sunday night. More new tracks are in the works and the album is coming together quickly! Can’t wait to share it with you all soon!

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you’re all doing well!

If you and your mates would be interested in a livestream gig from me just shoot me a message on the Facebook or Instagram and I’ll try and tee one up!

Until next time!

– LR

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